Funds are needed to keep our humanitarian efforts going. If you would like to give, here’s how:

  • Send a check directly to us at Plattsburgh Cares, P.O. Box 1932, Plattsburgh, NY 12901. Make the check out to Plattsburgh Cares.
  • Pay directly through PayPal.
  • Visit our Facebook page and click on the donate button there.

Help us help others.

Let us know what support you can offer. Here’s a partial list of what we need:

  • Translation. The refugees who come through the area speak a variety of languages. If you are proficient in any second language and would like to help, let us know.
  • Transportation. Individuals may need help getting to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments and so forth.
  • Legal advice. The refugees need access to qualified individuals with knowledge of immigration law.
  • Short-term temporary housing. Some may need access to safe housing for a night or a week or two.
  • Long-term temporary housing. Others may need a place for a longer period.
  • Clothing. Some may need clothes, especially during the winter months.
  • Educational outreach. We will need help getting educational materials into the hands of refugees coming into our region.
  • Care packets. We may be putting together some care packets with hygiene products for those in need.

Interested in helping? Fill out our form.